Get Well

  • Desert Rose Spa

    Our Desert Rose collection is amazing! Enjoy body scrub, body wash, body lotion and a personal body spray. We've placed these items in a wooden white wash container along with a faux succulent. This gifts ships USPS priority mail, 1-3 days depending on...

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  • Hello Lemon

    Lemon, Lemon and Lemon! Enjoy SIPP Lemon Soda, Audrey's Lemon Chia Cookies, Wine Sticks in Lemon of course. We've rounded this gift out with cheese, crackers and almonds. Enjoy! This gifts ships USPS priority mail, 1-3 days depending on location. This...

    MSRP: $56.00
    Was: $56.00
    Now: $48.00
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  • Mini Burts Bees Relaxation

    This darling wooden tray holds six Burt's Bees travel size products including: Hand Salve [0.3 oz. (8.5 g)]; Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream [0.25 oz. (7 g)]; Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream [0.3 oz. (8.5 g)]; Coconut Foot Cream [0.75 oz. (20 g)]; Thoroughly...

    MSRP: $37.95
    Was: $37.95
    Now: $29.95
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  • Ocean Purity Spa - Free Shipping!

    An impressive gift! This trendy metal tray has thick rope handles great for display after you relax with the collection of Ocean Purity bath products. Includes bath salts, body wash, body lotion, body scrub, personal body spray and lip balm. This gifts...

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  • Personal Get Well

    This darling bear creates comfort during illness. We've added tissue, fruit candies, tea, Blistex and a fig bar. This gift ship via USPS priority mail which is typically 1-3 days.

    MSRP: $57.99
    Was: $57.99
    Now: $49.99
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  • Relax and Chill

    Our rustic metal oval container holds simple pleasures including a gorgeous candle, matches, a sea salt soap bar and coordinating linen. A simple but impressive gift. This gifts ships USPS priority mail, 1-3 days depending on location. This gift has the...

    MSRP: $80.00
    Was: $80.00
    Now: $64.00
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  • Tahiti Relaxation Gift Basket

    Welcome to Tahiti! Well, not really but this gift sure feels like it! These Tahiti bath products are made up from grapefruit, mango butter and coconut oil. We've included a hand soap, shea butter lotion and body scrub enriched with shea butter, cocoa...

    MSRP: $67.99
    Was: $67.99
    Now: $59.99
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  • The Artisan Series: Sunshine

    Bring a little sunshine into your life with this gorgeous selection of sweet and savory delights. In our opinion, the star of this collection is the Iveta Blenheim apricot scone mix but then again, the Meyer lemon shortbread from Rustic Bakery are so...

    MSRP: $170.00
    Was: $170.00
    Now: $136.00
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  • The BOHO Bag

    Need a girlie gift? Here it is. Our amazing BOHO Bag comes with our plush grey blanket, Herbal Steam Facial, tea and tea cup, a candle with matches, hand cream and gorgeous notecards. Sit back and relax.

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